Cloud Services

Keep Your Data in the Cloud & Feet Firmly Planted on the Ground

Cloud Computing is not just the latest fad – it’s the way forward for businesses. With its flexibility & scalability, cloud solutions have proven to be the safe, secure platforms for many organizations.

What can the Cloud Do For You?

Netlink’s experienced team can help you understand & identify the cloud services to meet your needs. From proprietary vendor clouds, to public clouds, or private clouds, Netlink will work with you to navigate through the endless possibilities to find the solution to streamline your business operations. These benefits are tangible and real:

  • Deploy solutions rapidly
  • Incredible scalability & speed
  • Reduce or eliminate capital costs
  • Increased security
  • Constantly updated, high-end infrastructure & security technologies
  • Future-proof

Private Cloud

Netlink can house and manage your complete network infrastructure through our Private Cloud offerings. With Private Cloud, Netlink owns all the hardware and licensing required to run your business. You pay a predicable monthly fee for the service. Netlink is ready to show you the benefits of the cloud, and partner with you to select the most cost-effective computing model that works for you.