Corporate WiFi

Unlock the Power of the Wireless Enterprise

The reality is untethered computing has become the daily driver for many business professionals. To stay competitive and maximize the productivity of today’s mobile professionals requires a corporate WiFi solution that is secure, seamless, and scalable.

Netlink’s WiFi solutions meet these rigorous criteria, empowering you with a wealth of options including:

  • Employees can connect seamlessly while roaming through your offices
  • Multiple SSID’s to control, secure & isolate traffic
  • Bandwidth shaping & policy based routing

All of this while maintaining security and high performance that is transparent to employees.

WiFi That Never Slows You Down

Netlink’s wireless solutions are crafted from industry leading standards and technologies that allow you to manage a robust wireless infrastructure that delivers:

  • Speed. Intelligent wireless infrastructure that scales to your needs and demands while maintaining high performance.
  • Simplicity. Effortless, self-managed connectivity solutions that allow your IT staff to focus on other business needs.
  • Secure. Netlink’s cutting edge standards and security policies restrict wireless connectivity to who needs it, when they need it.