Help Desk

Problems Come at You Fast - Resolve Them Even Faster

An IT problem can lead to more than just being a nuisance and losing time. It can mean the inability to communicate a critical decision or execute on a time-sensitive transaction.

Real People, Real Connections, Real Solutions

There are a number of low-cost, third-party support vendors who will work with you on an impersonal, “take-a-number” system. Many are based on other continents, lacking any first-hand experience with your environment.

Netlink is your local, trusted, go-to partner. We’ll understand your business and know your IT infrastructure. Our Help Desk experts will not need any educating on your systems before they render assistance. You’ll likely know them by name and face.


The Ultimate Extension of Your Team

Our clients turn to Netlink for our ability to help their team resolve issues ASAP, and keep productivity at a maximum.

  • Locally based, world-class support
  • Provide the full breadth of IT support needed, without requiring costly in-house expertise for those rarely-needed skills
  • A pre-defined escalation path ensures all issues are resolved as quickly as possible

Flexible Options For Your Business Requirements

Netlink understands every organization is unique. We can provide customized agreements & SLA’s to meet your specific needs & requirements.