Managed IT

No One Likes IT Surprises

Traditionally, businesses inspect their IT infrastructure when either problems arise or when performing a required system upgrade. This often leads to uncovering issues too late and that are difficult to resolve.

Netlink provides a robust strategy that keeps your IT systems running and performing optimally, so your business can continue to be productive.

Early Warning

Netlink’s approach to monitoring your systems means we don’t take breaks and we’re always on the job. This leaves you to worry about other important things, like moving your business forward. Our enterprise class support provides:

  • Automated monitoring of your systems’ health & performance levels
  • Notifications of updates for increased capacity, bandwidth, etc.
  • Proactive maintenance provided automatically, with zero downtime

Lower Your IT Costs

Managed IT means your IT budget is managed. Our subscription service allows you to:

  • Eliminate the cost of reactive ‘repair’ work resulting from unexpected failures
  • Reduce the costs associated with downtime
  • Predictably budget your IT costs

Peak Performance

Netlink is here to augment your staff with “virtual experts”, providing you with world-class IT support without the costly overhead. This allows your to remain focused on key projects and initiatives, while having the comfort that you have backup when you need it.