Server Virtualization

Delivers Ultimate Performance, Scalability & Reliability

Virtual Servers

More and more, small & midsize businesses are seeing the value of virtualization in terms of scalability, reliability, simplicity and cost-effectiveness. Netlink is leading the initiative to improve business performance for our clients, providing customized high-performance server options that transform IT operations.

Netlink offers a number of options that fit your business needs:

  • Dedicated servers
  • On-premise or offsite hosting
  • VMware or Hyper-V
  • A hybrid of the above

Ultimate Performance

Our state of the art infrastructure, with monitoring and load balancing that keeps your servers running at peak performance and utilization, prevents performance interruptions and ensures your employees are running at full productivity. This is all backed by multiple Tier-1 networks that provide virtually unlimited bandwidth and redundancy to ensure a seamless experience.


Superior Scalability, Flexibility, Reliability and Security

Netlink’s hosted server solutions take advantage of additional capacity on demand, bursting of intensive data workloads at peak demand to ensure performance issues, and the flexibility to change your base subscription levels as needed to optimize your cost/performance ratio.

In addition, our advanced security, 24×7 monitoring, managed notification and remediation of issues deliver the unparalleled reliability your business requires.

Virtual Desktop

Hosted Desktops Squeeze More from the Cloud

Cloud-hosted desktops let you capitalize on the benefits of the cloud in unprecedented ways, delivering truly simplified, streamlined and cost-effective desktop computing.

You many be using or considering a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), which achieves some of the advantages of fully cloud hosted desktop environment, such as centralized management. However with VDI, you may still need to own and manage the hardware and software to support the VDs within your office or datacenter.

If you’re looking for ways to reduce the cost and complexity of maintaining your organization’s desktops, Netlink’s cloud-hosted desktop service is an option well worth considering. Our service opens the way to true worry-free desktop computing.